Selling Information? Should It Be An eBook Or A Course?

Information marketing is where you, as an online business owner, sell information online. Two of the most popular formats for selling information are presenting it as an eBook or a course.

The information for both products can be provided digitally, so a customer can download it and have instant access directly after purchase. That means there’s no waiting around for it to be delivered. And, when it’s a digital product it also means that once you have created it, you can sell the same thing again and again.

So what’s best for your online business? Should you produce an eBook or a course?

Writing An eBook

When you write an eBook, it’s a simple way to make money online. If you have plenty of knowledge in a particular subject matter, you can write a simple eBook in a few days or weeks that can really help people in your specific niche market. Some very successful eBooks were created in an afternoon.

eBooks are typically short and sweet, and get right to the point. They teach a process or share information, and usually cost less than a digital course. If you are just starting in the online business world, this is the quickest way to offer something of value for sale.

Producing A Course

Your website may already consist of lots of information and material that you can use to create an eBook. Having said that, if you are teaching an involved process, perhaps a course would be a better way to go? Customers can access your course digitally via a private website link.

In contrast to eBooks, courses can generate more money per sale. There is a greater perceived value in a course, rather than an eBook. Your course can be delivered through a membership site, or through an instant digital download or link to video or audio files. Keep in mind that a course is going to take a lot more time and effort to complete than an eBook.

Start With An eBook, Build To A Course

Your first effort at making money from your online content isn’t going to be the best you will ever produce. But you will improve with time. You can use the lessons learned from writing an eBook to later publishing a course which not only makes more money for you than an eBook on a per-unit basis, but gives you the prospect to provide more in-depth information and knowledge with your online audience Healthcare.